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We are specialist in Hajj & Umrah Services and Since its inception our main objective has been still to ensure that the highest level of professional services should be provided to the Guests of ALLAH. With an unbeatable 15 years of services, we are expanding and constantly improving our network and are now providing professional Hajj & Umrah Services to Hujjaj from all over the world.

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Kate Travel Hajj & Umrah services commence from the time you decide to perform your religious obligations in helping you understand the Hajj/Umrah process and customizing an itinerary, until the time you depart from the holy Land – satisfied and content with the experience provided by Orbit . For the objective and in order to provide and appropriate and smooth stay the company invests and contracts with 5 star ,4 star and 3 star hotels that are characterized by their proximity to the holy mosques . Our transportation fleet, VIP tent facilities in Mina/Arafat, dining services in 5 star restaurants, multi-lingual guides, Ziarat in Makkah and Madinah, shopping and sight-seeing in Jeddah make sure that your trip to the holy land remains a memorable one moreover , our highly qualified professional staff in Saudi Arabia make sure to attend to every needs of yours to ensure that your religious experience remains hassle-free.

We have selected packages to suit most people at different times of the year in 2 to 5 star accommodation. Please click on the appropriate category for more details.

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Terms & Conditions
  • Shared Transport (JED-MAK-MAD-MAK-JED). Med arrival taxi charges SR200 will apply.
  • Infant visa price Rupees 10000. Duration of stay will be according to KSA rules.
  • For Child (from 2-5 years old without bed) 75% of package will be charged.
  • Kate International Travels & Tours is not liable (responsible) for any kind of loss occur due to purchase, reissuance or cancellation etc. of air tickets.
  • All services in the package are non refundable, after approval cancellation Rupees 15000.
  • In any case pilgrim travel without intimation or dummy voucher RS 10,000 fine will be imposed.
  • Note: SR 10000 will be imposed in case of failure to report within three days for the person who has been skipped away. 28 NTS PKG will be w.r.t approval of Saudi Shirka.
  • Note: This Package can be changed any time without any prior notice


  • All rates are with subject to availability at time of confirmation. Rates can be change at any time without prior notice.
  • Private Transport (JED-MAK). Med arrival taxi charges SR200 will apply.
  • Kate International Travels & Tours is not liable (responsible) for any kind of loss occur due to purchase, reissuance or cancellation etc. of air tickets.
  • All services in the package are non refundable after approval.
  • Hotel Chek-in time at 1600 hrs, check-out time 1200 hrs. one full night will be charged if guest checks out after 1400 hrs.


  • 7 months valid computerized passport
  • Copy of valid CNIC & NADRA relationship certificate for proof of Meharam
  • 4 passport size photograph with white back ground.
  • Bio Metric will be required according to new umrah policy.
   For Agent Agreement, the requirements are as follows:
  • A copy of CNIC and DTS License
  • Signed and Stamped agreement on agent’s letterhead
  • An open dated guarantee cheque.


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Ziarat Places of ” Iran “:
Mashad e Muqadas
Roza Hazrat Imam Ali Reza (AS)
Zindane Haroon
Hazrte Khwaja Rabei
Roza Hazrat Masooma e Qum (AS)
Ibadat Gah Hazrat Masooma e Qum
Astana Muqadus Syed Zada Jamaluddin Ibne Imam Musa Kazim (AS)
Imamzada Mohammed and Imamzada Ibrahim (RA)
Imamzada Syed Ali bin Syed Abu Jafar bin Hazrat Abbas (AS) Ibne Hazrat Ali (AS)
Jfar Ibne Ali Ibne Hussain Ibne Imam Zainul Abdeen (AS)
Imamzada Musa bin Jwwad
Imamzada Zaid Ibne Imam Syed Sajjad (AS)
Marqad Hazrat Abul Hussain, Ahmed bin Qasim bin Ali Jafar Farzandan Imam Jafar Sadiq (AS)
Imam Zadgan Shezada Jafar and Sakina Khatoon
Mazar Imam Khomaini (RA)
Bahishte Zahra
Imamzada Shah Abdul Azeem
Syed Tahir Aulad Imam Zainul Abdeen (AS)
Imamzada Hamza
Bibi She’her Bano and Bibi Zubaida

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Ziarat Places of Iraq :
Karbale Mualla
Roza Hazrat Imam Hussain (As)
Roza Hazrat Abas e Alamdar (AS)
Khaima Gah
Maqam Hazrat Ali Akbar (AS)
Maqam Hazrat Ali Asghar (AS)
Tillae Zainabia
Maqam Imam e Zaman (AS)
Baghe Imam Jafar e Sadiq (AS)
Hazrat Hur (As)
Hazrat Aun Ibne Hazrat Abdullah (AS)
Hazrat Qasim Ibne Imam Hasan (AS)
* Mussayeb
Pisrane Hazrat Muslim (AS) (Mohd bin Muslim AS Ibrahim bin Muslim AS) .
Najaf e Ashraf
Roza Moula e Kainat Hazrat Ali Ibne Abi Talib (AS)
Wadius Salam (Qabrustan)
Maqam Hazrat Zainulabdien (AS)
Ziarat in Kufa
Aamal Masjide Kufa
Hazrat Muslim Ibne Aqeel (AS)
Hazrat Hani Ibne Arwah (AS)
Hazrat Mesame Tammar(RA)
Hazrat Kumail (RA)
Masjide Hanana
Maqame Hazrat Younus (AS)
Hazrat Mukhtare Saqafi (RA)
Hazrat Khadija Binte Imam Ai (AS)
Residense of Hazrat Ali (AS)
Aamal Masjide Sehla and Masjide Saasa
Ziarat in Hilla
Hazrat Bakr Bin Ali (AS)
Nabi Hazrat Zulkifl (AS)
Nabi Hazrat Ayub (AS)
Hazrat Zaid (AS)
Ziarat Madiha
Hazrat Hamza (AS)
Nabira Hazrat Abbas (AS)
Hazrat Qasim Ibne Imam Mousa Kaim (AS)
Hazrat Imam Ali Naqi (AS)
Hazrat Imam Hasan Askari (AS)
Janab e Nargis Khatoon Mother of Imam e Zamana (AS)
Hazrat Hakima Khatoon
Maqame Ghaibat Imame Zamana (AS)
Qaid Khana Imam Hasan Askari (AS)
Hazrat Syed Mohammed Ibne Imam Ali Naqi (AS)
* Hazrat Ibrahim Bin Malike Ashter
Roza Hazrat Imam Mousa Kazim (AS)
Hazrat Imam Mohammed Taqi (AS)
Hazrat Shaikh Mufeed (AR)
Hazrat Salman Farsi (RA)
Hazrat Jabir Bin Abdullah Ansari (RA)
Hazrat Huzaifa Yamani (RA)
Hazrat Tahir Ibne Imam Zainulabdien (As)
Taqe Kisra
Masjide Brasa
Naibeen e Arba Imam e Zamana (AS)

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Ziarat Places of “Sham” Syria
Ziarat e Khusoosi of Hazrat Zainab (AS) binte Hazrat Ali (AS)
Babe Sagheer
Hazrat Umme Salma (AS)
Hazrat Umme Habiba (AS)
Hazrat Abdullah Ibne Imam Zainulabdien (AS)
Hazrat Sukaina Binte Imam Hussain (AS)
Hazrat Umme Kulsoom Binte Hazrat Ali (AS)
Hazrat Fatima Sughra (AS) Binte Imam Hussain (AS)
Hazrat Abdullah Ibne Jaffer e Tayyar (AS)
Hazrat Bilal, Moazzin Rasoole Khuda (SW)
Hazrat Fizza Kaneez e Khas of Hazrat Fatima (AS)
Hazrat Abdullah Ibne Imam Jaffer Sadiq (AS)
Hazrat Maimoona Binte Imam Hasan (AS)
Hazrat Hamida Binte Hazrat Muslim bin Aqeel (AS)
Hazrat Asmaa Binte Hazrat Umais Zoja Hazrat Jaffer e Tayyar (AS)
Maqam Sar hai Shuaada e Karbla and Masjid Imam e Zainulabdien (AS)

Darbar e Sham
Qaid Khana Sham and Ziarat Hazrat Ruqqiya Binte Imam Hussain (AS)
Darbar e Yazeed (LAN)
Qabr Hazrat Yahya prophet (AS)
Raas Ul Hussain (AS)
Maqam e Hazrat Zainab (AS) place where she delivered the Khutba
Mussala Imam Zainulabdien (AS)
Atraf e Damisqh
Ashabe Khaf
Qatl Gah Habeel and Qabre Habeel
Roza Hajr Bin Addi (RA)
Raqqa and Halab
This is 5 hours drive from Zainabia. (Package Includes the Comfortable Transport)
* Maidane Jange Sifeen
* Qabr Hazrat Uwais e Qarni (RA)
* Qabr Hazrat Ammar Yasir (RA)
* Roza Hazrat Zakaria Prophet (AS)
* Roza Hazrat Mohsin Ibne Imam Hussain (AS)

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