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Uzbekistan also known as officially Republic of Uzbekistan in Central Asia, this country is a landlocked closed by the land there are some countries Uzbekistan this is one. Uzbekistan has been consisting of 12 Provinces and five borders for different countries like Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan and Turkmenistan.

Popular Tourist places in Uzbekistan

Tashkent is very old city near about 2200 years and capital city of Uzbekistan, at present, is one the most popular business center in Central Asia and very oriented cities. The Architecture of Tashkent is very unique which have changed the shape of Tashkent is very amazing for tourists. Andijan is a city and administrative center in far eastern Uzbekistan province, Andijan is a main center of oil production in Uzbekistan and has some oil refineries. After oil, Cotton production and processing is an economical activity of the city. Khiva is the most beautiful city of Uzbekistan and 500 miles desert from Tashkent, a well maintain and charming city, its azure-glazed tiles glow in the midday sun. Bukhara is one of the holy places of Islam in Uzbekistan, the wisdom and Bukhara is valuable city of the Muslims. Fergana is the city of eastern Uzbekistan and has been a main center of oil and refining near about 1908. Many years ago and present Fergana has been main center of oil production and refining in Uzbekistan this city has been the backbone of the country and main role in the economy because can produce natural resources.

Uzbekistan Visa

There are many types of Uzbekistan visa there are given below:

Business Visa

You can get business visa for Uzbekistan, you need your company or business partner’s process or invitation letter through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tashkent to confirm and notify the Uzbekistan embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan. Uzbekistan has been providing free Business visa but fulfill all legal terms and conditions.

Tourist’s Visa

If you have needed to tourist visa, you can get any registered travel agency process and send invitation letter through Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tashkent without any fee. Kate International travel and tours have been facilitating since 1985 and more reputed agency in the Pakistan.

Transit Visa

If you are traveling any other country like USA, Canada via Uzbekistan, you have needed transit visa free without any charges.

Visa Fee: 180 USD for 15 Days. & 350 USD for 1Month.

Documents Required.

(1). Passport Scan copy

(2). 1 Passport Size Photo, s Scan Copy

(3). N I C Photo Copy.

(4). Business Covering Latter Or Business Card.

(5). Hotel Confirmation

14 Working Days Required

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